Meet the Team

  • Kyle - Managing Director

    Kyle founded Otter in his University bedroom during his final year of university. He took a leap of faith to run Otter full time in February 2020. He is in charge of the day to day running of this business. Kyle’s favourite work for Otter is Project Re-Use. 

  • Sophia - Director

    Sophia is the brains behind the logo. She created it and came up with the “Otter” name! She ensures that all sticks & equipment look incredible. She is also training to be a physiotherapist & is trained in sports massage. Sophia & Kyle are brother & sister. 

  • Rory - Director of Design

    Rory is the head of design and advertisement. Previously he has had a range of freelance photography and videography jobs including producing a video for Old Georgians HC, MT13 Hockey, Imperial College London & many more organistations.

  • Warren - Marketing Director

    Tom or Warren, is the Marketing Manager. He has previously worked a range of roles in marketing departments ranging from a business worth $2billion to a small boutique agency. He won an award for best marketing strategy for Uncharted (2022 film). 

  • Minall - R&D

    Tom or Minall, is the main man when it comes to stick R&D, he tests everything new that comes in to ensure that it is to a high standard. He is also a brilliant player & currently plays for Reading hockey club 1st XI.

  • Lees - Head of Team Kit Sales

    Tom or Lees, will be the one you speak to about Team Kit & help you get the ball rolling. He has plenty of experience working with the factories & logistics. His favourite part of working at Otter is, the ease of designing new ideas & making them happen, it is easy thanks to our awesome team!