Lara Pampin - Spanish International

Otter is a brand made by and for hockey lovers, it is a brand with a lot of style, the clothes they offer can be used in your day to day and they have a very good material, every day they try to reinvent themselves and create new material according to the fashion of the moment, I think it is a very innovative team.

The service that Otter offers is excellent, they are always making sure that our material arrives on time and above all they are aware of our matches, tournaments, etc, they are a great support.

I discovered Otter on instagram, I saw the design of the clothes and it was what I liked the most, as many brands have very sporty clothes and I was looking for something different, so if you are looking for something different do not hesitate, join Otter.

University of Sheffield Hockey Club

We are now going into our fourth season working with Otter and are excited to continue our sponsorship with them. The deal allows us to offer great discounts to our members while also providing the club with an additional stream of income, helping us to continue to provide an environment for high-level but accessible hockey in spite of the challenges of the last few years.

It has been a pleasure working with Otter during this time, they are always attentive in responding to any queries and have even visited our training pitch to give members a chance to try their sticks before buying. I would highly recommend working with Otter Hockey to any other clubs.

Saskia L - Isca & University of Exeter HC

I have been using Otter Hockey since 2020 and they have been awesome! I have stuck by using the 090 and it has been my favourite stick I have ever played with as it has enhanced my game through the soft touch allowing my dribbling to improve, especially 3D, and also being able to increase the power in my slaps.

Not only is the equipment the best, the people are too. They have been super friendly and so supportive of my hockey. This has been through frequent communication of seeing how I am getting on and also watching myself and other fellow sponsored athletes at Futures Cup.

I was also fortunate to have the opportunity to be in the 2021-22 season launch video where I had an amazing time filming with the crew and trying out all the incredible sticks and accessories they have to offer.

Otter really is the best value brand and I would recommend it to any hockey player out there. 

Agueda Moroni - Italy International

I found in (with) Otter everything I was looking for. Super comfortable gear with a great quality which allows me to play at my best. 

Kelsey Farkas - USA International

Otter has provided me with top notch hockey equipment and service throughout my time as an Otter Athlete. Kyle and his team have been incredibly supportive of my playing career with the United States. I feel so lucky to be supported by such a great team. They truly cater directly to the athlete and work around the clock to make sure you are ready to go.

The quality of the equipment is unmatched. From the lightweight feel of the stick and its ability to easily maneuver with the ball to protective gloves and high quality bags that hold all of my gear, I cannot rave enough about Otter.

Joel S - Hamburg (EHL)

For almost 3 seasons I have had great support from Otter Hockey. From the easy ordering process to great customer service to fast delivery; Otter offers quality equipment that is used to the very highest Levels.

The style, the workmanship, and the use of the best possible materials, allows Otter Hockey to offer the right product for all hockey players.

Due to Project Re Use, Otter Hockey is also committed to regions in the world that don't have that much. It's nice to see that this is part of the Otter philosophy. I'm proud to be a part of Otter Hockey and hope the journey continues for a long time.

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