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The upgraded O100.


The ‘O’ or Otter range sticks have been expertly crafted to improve 3D skills which are essential in today's modern game. It is a drag-flickers dream with a 24.75 mm bend, at a 200 mm bend point, and has a concave shaft for an enhanced slingshot action, which works by keeping the ball in the shaft whilst drag-flicking.


Features to take note of with this stick are the thinned head and toe which allow for improved pickup of the ball when performing 3D skills that are essential in the modern game.

Made with Japanese Toray Carbon, the stick retains its soft touch, even with a high carbon composition, whilst maximising your hitting and slapping power. We use military-grade resins to combine the carbon together. These epoxy compounds (resins) are also used in the aerospace industry.




o Premium Japanese carbon

o 100% carbon

o 24.75 mm bend

o 200 mm bend point

o Balance point 39 cm ± 1 cm

o Ultra-High Control Area

o 510 - 525 grams