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Otter X Gribbid Chamois ProGrip

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Please note - this item may come without packaging due to packaging supply shortages.


Fresh from our collaboration with Gribbid, the number one grip used by internationals.


"The Gribbid ProGrip feels nice and gives an extremely good grip on your hockey stick, even when you have wet hands or when it rains. The chamois grip must be placed over the existing grip and is therefore also called an overgrip, (Gribbid, 2021)."



– Highest quality – Original progrip® quality from The Netherlands – Soft and comfortable – Shock-absorbing function – High moisture absorption capacity – Anti-slip under all circumstances – Suitable for all sizes of hockey sticks – Easy to apply and replace – Patented gribbid progrip® quality, (Gribbid, 2021)"