Carbon Fibre

In high-performance equipment for Cars, Planes and Sports Equipment. Carbon Fibre has become a modern essential. It is favourably used over wood and metal alloys due to its superior strength to weight ratio. 

We use carbon from Japan called Toray Carbon. The quality of this kind of carbon outweighs the quality of other kinds of carbon. Using this carbon does increase our costs but it results in higher quality, higher performance products. 

Military Grade Resins

Before we produce the final product we have to combine the materials together. We use resins that are used to combine materials for aeroplanes and military equipment such as bulletproof vests. Once the resins are blended together, they are then impregnated amongst the raw materials. 

To ensure a quality product, the way we place the materials on top of each other is key. We place each individual fibre at angles and positions within the moulds to maximise the performance of our sticks. 

The final moulding of the stick is then regulated to the nearest 0.1 Degree Celcius and is always at a Bar Pressure which is a multiple of one. 

Stick Cap

We make our stick caps with two goals in mind: one being to give the stick a slick finish at the top of the handle. The second is to improve shock dampening when hitting the ball, this minimises the weight of the stick too when it comes to shock absorbers. To do this we use a specially engineered polymer which reduces a sticks feedback but also makes sure that you have enhanced ball awareness when dribbling. 


A registered trademark of DuPont, Kevlar is our material of choice over glass fibre. It provides elite level impact absorption.

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