Sustainability Update

Sustainability Update

Here are Otter Hockey we have recently launched some new green initiatives and we wanted to take the time to let our community know about them. Otter Hockey was founded by hockey players and geographers - so we get the climate crisis. We have researched first hand the impact pollutants are having on the environment, and most of us felt it in the recent heatwaves hitting the UK. We have seen the large corporations greenwashing - we have felt the frustrations that corporations aren’t doing enough to integrate sustainability into their products. We aren’t like them. Since our inception we have taken steps to make sure we are environmentally conscious, without sacrificing on the quality or price of our products. It is achievable to be affordable and good for the planet. Here’s what we do:


Kits Made From Recycled Plastic:

By integrating sustainability into our products we are enabling a shift in the industry. We have proven that recycled plastic can be used to make great products. Our customers are wearing them, our factories are producing them and the environment is loving them. These products not only are eco friendly, but are actively helping to clean up the environment by taking plastic out of our oceans and rivers.


Carbon Neutral Delivery:

We use a carbon neutral delivery service to ensure that all aspects of our company are using green alternatives. By choosing to put the environment over profits we are paving the way for sustainable business to be a given, not the exception.


Tree-nation Carbon Offset:

There are still aspects of our organisation that could do better. Whilst we are developing new green initiatives we are offsetting any aspects of our operations that aren’t green yet by planting trees. We are supporting the Chitwan National Park in Nepal by planting acacia catechu trees that offset 12kg of carbon a year. Additionally we have recently started a campaign to plant a tree for every stick bought. We love the environment, it’s at the heart of what we do, but we need your help to continue to invest in green procedures. To find out more and donate click here.


Defect Products:

We create the highest quality products for our customers, but that invariably means some sticks don’t pass our quality tests. However these are not wasted. Any products that don’t meet our quality controls are donated. We have partnered with multiple organisations including The Hockey Dreams Foundations and Hope HFS to make sure these products don’t go to waste. They are donated around the world to kids in need, using sport as a pathway for change by keeping kids in education and away from crime.


We are hockey players. We love the outdoors. But we could all be doing more to protect it. Next time you buy hockey gear, why not buy it from a company that has sustainability at the forefront of their operations. Since our inception in 2018 we have invested in green initiatives and are constantly looking at new ways we can be more eco friendly. Any suggestions for how we could do better? Email - we’d love to hear them!

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