tree-nation in Daintree

1 stick = 3 trees

Due to our commitment to offsetting our carbon emissions For every hockey stick someone buys, we plant 3 trees.

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  • Packaging

    Only use plastic where required, such as stick heads & handles. We are working on sustainable alternatives to this!

  • Manufacturing

    1. All playing kits are made from 100% recycled plastic
    2. When we can we use factories with some form of solar energy production
    3. We offset our emissions through our tree planting initiative

  • Daily Operations

    We use public transport or walk where we can & we only drive when absolutely necessary. The Otter car is very economical, petrol & it averages 55 miles per gallon! The tree planting initiative helps us offset our emissions when we do use the car. We will go electric as soon as we can afford to!

Carbon Neutral Courier Services

This is an easy one & we love our planet, so we have to do it!

Plant a tree in our forest here...