Project Re Use

  • WHY did we start this scheme?

    What is the point in being an affordable brand if we don't help those that may not have access affordable equipment?

  • WHAT does Project Re Use achieve?

    Improves access to hockey for those with barriers to entry. This grows the game we all love, while enabling those that benefit from the equipment to be involved in organised sports for free.

  • HOW can you help?

    Have you got perfectly useable sticks or balls that are gathering dust & haven't been used in years? This is what we are collecting! Some retailers have even donated brand new ones.

  • WHO benefits from your donations?

    We work with a variety of organisations but most notably The Hockey Dreams Foundation, Hope HFS & Beyond Nottingham.

    Hockey Dreams Foundation 
  • WHERE can you send donations to?

    Please send all donations to:

    Otter Hockey

    Unit 1625

    22 Sutton Lane North, London

    W4 4LD